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Why Choose an Adirondack Chair?

It’s comfortable.
The sloped backrest is unique and makes daytime napping a breeze. It’s like a “permanent recliner!” Thanks to a smart design and supportive backrest, Adirondack chairs are the most comfortable types of outdoor seat you will find.

It’s ergonomic.
The design of the chair keeps your feet elevated and your back flat – two things needed for improved blood circulation and muscle pressure relief.
It’s heavy. Of course, there are lighter options out there; but in general, the Adirondacks are known for their quality wood construction, equating to heaviness and durability.

It’s versatile.
One thing you won’t have to worry about when purchasing this chair is whether or not it will fade out of fashion; the Adirondack isn’t limited to any one style. Rather, it goes with all the styles! It’s always been in – and there’s no reason to think it’s fading out anytime soon.

It’s aesthetic.
If we’re judging off appearances alone, this is one chic chair. Its natural hue is earthy and a touch rustic-chic, and its back slats give it a fun curb appeal. Best for the trendsetter in outdoor furniture styles!

It’s iconic.
If you want something more than a chair; if you want a piece of design history; if you want class, leisure, and American iconography; if you want any one or all of those things, you want the Adirondack chair!

Where to Place an Adirondack Chair
If you’re considering an Adirondack chair, check out these styling suggestions:

The front porch.
Place seating on your front porch for an al fresco good time. Place two if you like company; one if you can’t be bothered!

The back patio.
Good seating is a great thing for a back patio; if you haven’t tried it yet, we can’t suggest it enough. One or two chairs are all you’ll need; all the rest (fresh air, natural scenery, and peaceful nights of good conversation) comes free of charge!

Around a fire pit.
When people are comfortable, they’re happy. When people are happy, they’re comfortable. Comfort = happiness, happiness = comfort, and everything in the last two sentences = Adirondack chairs. That’s why you’ll need them around a fire pit! (Because happy, comfortable people eating s’mores is a beautiful thing.)

Around a pool.
What’s better than flipping through the pages of your favorite magazine poolside? Doing so on an Adirondack chair. (If you’ve got little kids, you may find yourself begging them to go out for a swim – just as an excuse to watch them from your comfy Adirondack!)

On a lawn.
No pool, no patio, no fire pit? No problem; this is one versatile chair! all you need is ground really; place an Adirondack on it, and what was once empty space becomes a relaxation retreat.

In a garage.
If you’ve got a “man cave” or a “she shed,” make the Adirondack your friend. It’s supportive and comfortable enough to lounge in for the whole weekend – plus, it’s got wide armrests for your beverage of choice.

On the sand.
With the popularity of Adirondacks today, it should come as no surprise that portable varieties are available – we highly recommend them for beach-lounging! Perfect for a day on the beach, river, lake – or park pond.

Adirondack Chair

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