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Pavilions are structures that have an A-frame roof with shingles or metal. 

They provide 100% shade and keep the rain out! Pavilions are perfect gathering areas for friends and family. Host your most epic BBQ ever! 

Pavilions are not cheap though! 

We primarily build custom sizes as every space is different. Below will give you an idea of pricing based on some common sizes! (installation included)

10'x10' = $10,794.42

10'x20' = $12,070.78

10'x30' = $14,009.20

Our team is small, so our overhead is small, which means we can keep your costs down!


We use pressure treated southern yellow pine for our structures. This helps keep your costs down! However, if you want the high dollar Cedar lumber, just let us know! 

To give you an idea of the difference;

One 6x6x10 pine post = $48.46

One 6x6x10 cedar post = $243.90

How to get started;

Send us a message and let us know what size your space is. We will ask a few follow up questions about the features you like and put together a 3D rendering and quote for you to review. 

Adam Mellor



Payments and Installation;

We ask for a 50% deposit to help cover a majority of the material costs. The remaining balance is due upon completion of your build!

We build your structure on-site. We do not pre-fabricate the material and ship it to you. This helps keep your costs down! Installation is included in the price.

We are located in Oklahoma, but we love travelling the country and building structures! Adam and Lindsay and are our primary builders.


While we are located in Oklahoma, we've had the pleasure of building structures in multiple states!


So far we have visited Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Georgia!

Thank you for checking out our site. We look forward to creating your vision!

Contact us with any questions

Adam Mellor

918-438-9954 |

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